Gardening in the UK

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I have recently found a very helpful online site: which seems to cover everything from fruits to nuts. It allows you to create a personalised interactive calendar for your crops, showing what you should be doing and when with each plant or tree. You can check when your last frost date is and even ask them to include your town (or village, in my case) in their list if it isn't already on. Most of the articles (and there's a huge amount of info) is back with photos as well as suggestions about the best varieties. So far, I'm very impressed.

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Thanks for the link Serinde, I will have a look.

I have been studying Steve Solomon's book with Erica Reinheimer, 'The intelligent gardener' and have sourced the ingredients in the UK for Solomon's 'Complete Organic Fertiliser'. His method involves finding a local industrial by-product, I have got oilseedmeal, for nitrogen source and adding the other nutrients to that. Seems to be agreeing with my plants and I have recruited a few other people as product testers.