30+ Ways to Preserve Eggs

30+ Ways to Preserve Eggs


"While you wouldn’t know it looking at the grocery store shelves, egg production is seasonal. Preserving eggs was essential back before grocery stores were the source of all things and just around the corner.

"In the depths of winter, chickens slow their laying habits, and many breeds stop altogether. Then in spring, production turns on again and backyard chicken keepers are struggling to find more ways to use up eggs. Learning how to preserve eggs during times of plenty ensures a year-round supply of homegrown eggs."

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I don't raise chickens yet but I have a guy at work who does, and who I get eggs from. I'll have to try some of these techniques this Spring when he has a few I can afford to spoil.

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I tired freezing, which was ok. You need to mix the whites and yolks together first, as yolks on their own get wierd when frozen, and this works ok to use off season.

I find that they keep for the winter just fine in the refrigerator, so maybe I start the winter months with 10 dozen eggs. Eat teh oldest ones first. Eggs are fine in the refrigerator for 3 or more months. This is my go-to. And, I have also changed breeds. The heritage breed with teh short or rose combs lay better when it is cold, so I make sure I have these and that way I do not have too long when there are no fresh eggs. SO, between correct breeds and the refrigerator, I no longer try weird ways to store.