Renters with dogs installing grass sod

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I hate to use the word "install" in reference to planting, but when it comes to thin, carpet-like rolls of monoculture sod, I think I'll use it.

Now I know this is not a big deal, but new renters a couple doors away are outside this morning with a company who is removing their existing lawn, roto-tilling, and preparing to roll out a more perfect grass monoculture. I don't think they are doing the whole yard, just one small area. They have two dogs. Is there some reason they'd want a different lawn when they have dogs? I feel sure this is the renter's idea and choice, not the landlord's, because this landlord always rents to people who will do the mowing and he otherwise ignores what grows there.

I'm a bit bummed because, at first, I thought the new renters were starting a vegetable garden. I'm sad that their interest seems to be better grass. They just moved in a week ago and new sod is a priority? I guess you can tell I have not even spoken with them yet...Well, I still will take them a potted tomato and pepper when my seedlings are large enough. That is what I always do for the nearest renters. Some also get a one year peach tree, but the ones I have are already promised elsewhere.