The Frankfurt Kitchen

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We forget that at one time, kitchens weren't these big rooms in the house with lots of cabinet space, stainless steel appliances and counter top islands but were corners of the living room or small closet size nooks. I suspect that will return once declining resources puts the death to McMansions and we all learn to live with less space.

Here is a fascinating look at the first small kitchens.

The Frankfurt Kitchen Changed How We Cook—and Live

While I am still planning to build a small office and garden shed in the backyard, with green house to develop a large garden for when I retire, I'm also planning to turn half my sister's basement into a bedroom and kitchenette, for living in during the very high heat Summer months and very cold Winter months. Like many older homes, she has a corner of her basement with water taps and a floor drain for laundry. I'm going to expand that into a laundry and kitchen space, with a half bathroom. I'll have to read further on how smaller kitchens were laid out.