Will the 2020 Election Be All About Climate Change?

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Interesting article on Politico.com

Climate Change Suddenly Matters in the 2020 Race. Are the Candidates Ready?

I thought the last two paragraphs were thought provoking.

"And there could be other surprises, too. Trump actually used to believe in climate action, signing on to calls for carbon cuts barely five years ago. He said recently that he might run on his environmental record — a silly idea, unless the oil industry decides it’s scared enough of ongoing litigation (and the Green New Deal) that it would accept a modest carbon tax, in which case Trump might be the guy they chose to push it forward. And if he did, the Democrats would be caught between wanting the right deal and wanting any deal.

For climate activists, as for all progressive groups, the Democratic primary offers a hard choice. We’re eager to make sure that the next president finally does something truly serious about climate change. But like all progressives, we’re terrified of another Trump term and worried just a tad about pushing too hard, about setting up the candidate for defeat by getting them too far out on a limb. It would all be easier if we hadn’t wasted the past 30 years, but that inaction has left us at a moment when physics demands enormous change. And so, in the end, we will push. On a planet where the poles are rapidly melting, what choice do we have?"

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A further discussion on the state of (and lack of action by) the environmentally aware Right.

Don’t bother waiting for conservatives to come around on climate change. A new report examines the climate right. It doesn’t find much.

"US conservatives, to put it mildly, are not much help on climate policy. For decades, they’ve denied the validity of climate change science and waged a well-funded campaign to sow doubt and fear about the facts and about the people and organizations who emerged as climate advocates.

Though old-fashioned denial of climate change remains popular among the hardcore base (and President Trump), party elites are now beginning to squirm a bit and admit that “the climate is changing.”


I consider myself socially liberal but fiscally conservative. I'm wary of huge programs like the "New Green Deal" that want to throw money at the problem, and also address other social issues not specific to climate change, and yet WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING SOON!