"Right To Repair" Goes National

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If you don't know what "Right To Repair" is, then read this article

Right to repair is now a national issue

Presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren, has come out publicly with support of making this a national law giving people the right to repair their own equipment.

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One should find out before buying stuff if you can fix it your self if not DO NOT BUY. Try an replace a hard drive on a Apple!! Friend found out the hard way. On a windows system easy to install a SSD and Clone.

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I here you blueberry. I had a Dell laptop hd failure and went to replace it. Unlike most laptops it didn't have a slot on the bottom to pop one hd out and put in another. You had to open the thing up via the keyboard and take out a lot of other stuff to get to where you could replace it. I got it working again (mostly -a few things have been bugged after that) but won't ever buy a laptop again that can't just have the hard drives switched out easily. Dell just wants you to buy a new one.

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Another trick Dell does on some laptops half of the ram is under the keyboard the other half is under the bottom of the laptop. Have had good luck using Kingston solid state drives. Have 2 older laptops that I keep in out buildings both have a ssd now. I like fixing old stuff picked up a hand corn shell made by CS Bell/ AH Patch for $35.00. Just needed a good cleaning replaced a few bolts new home made wood handle and paint works great. Total cost around $50.00. Looking at a new one yes I am cheap. https://backtotheland.com/html/corn-sheller.html