Anything useful for spent sage flowers?

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Normally I cut all the spent flowers off my sage bush. Of course, there are seeds I could harvest, but I don't need more sage, and cuttings work out better for me anyway. They make a nice bouquet that dries and lasts a long time. Here are a bunch I pushed into an empty pot one year.

I was wondering if anyone knows of any particular use for the spent flowers. Does anyone make smudge bundles with them? Use them for tea? For any sort of medicine? I don't know--is there anything?

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About all I saw was discussions of the flowers used as garnishments for meals and salads. There was comments about pinching off the buds as they appear to minimize the amount of flowers. Most of the medicinal use appears to be in the leaves.

Here are a couple of links I found.

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That last link has a good size library of herbs and their uses.