This Year's Onions

David Trammel's picture

Not sure if its all the rain, that has compacted the soil and exposed the bulbs, but the onions which grew from last year's onion sets that didn't start, look like this.

They are getting a good size too. The Australian Browns I planted are tall but I don't know if they are bulbing out yet. I should dig around one or two and check, but its still too wet.

One of them for some reason decided its time to flower and I got this beautiful picture.

ClareBroommaker's picture

Everything looks so green or pure white and beautiful. I see wild purslane growing around that pipe beside the allyssum.

My onions grow mostly out of the soil as well. Makes it easily to pull them, doesn't it?

David Trammel's picture

Yes I had a purslane basket at that spot last year, guess seed pods dropped. It does like to spread itself. I need to dig that up and transfer it to a hanging basket before it starts to bloom.

lathechuck's picture

When you see an onion send up a flower stalk, you have two choices: harvest it for green-onion cooking, or let it bloom, feed the pollinators, set seeds, and collect the seeds for another season. The energy stored in the bulb will be depleted as it produces flowers and seeds, so you can't get seed and bulb from the same plant.