Unusual Ways Resource Scarcity Create A Story

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From time to time I run across situations or technology that just jump out at me to create a story about. Here is an example:

India’s Worsening Drought Is Forcing Doctors to Buy Water for Surgery

More and more cities and larger areas are suffering under drought. Drinking water and showers came to mind when I heard South African Johannesburg was just about out of water, but I never considered that hospitals use even more water per person.

I wonder what other areas of our lives use a overly large resource, that is under pressure? And how you could craft a story about it?

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I had this thought of a story line, what if in a world constrained by limits on resources, the reward for a great service was not to be limited? I vaguely remember a sci-fi story I once read, where people who received something like the Nobel Prize, were given immortality, which was very expensive. The World's government had decided only the best of the species, not the richest, deserved to live forever.

I also had the thought, what if you had a society that practiced annual sacrifice, like a "Burning Man" festival but in this society one person was selected who would enjoy a brief period where they had unlimited access to the tribe's resources but then was sacrificed to atone for the Ancestor's wicked ways of waste.

Two ideas...

The Aztecs had a ritual where a young man was treated like a god including having four young women for a year and then sacrificed. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_sacrifice_in_Aztec_culture

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Good ideas. I hope to read a version of this story by you.

Burning Man is the ultimate example of burning up resources for a bit of play & fun. I never went (went to a Rainbow Gathering twenty-one years ago) but their principles seemed good. It's crazy how much energy it uses to put on, and how its been co-opted by the Silicon Valley set.

I never wanted to go to burning man the shear amount of waste especially in the big bonfire. I too went to a Rainbow Gathering a long time ago and there was a very different vibe. I think that there was a counter event started that didn't do any of the burning, but a the moment, I can't think of the name.