Onion Harvest - Australian Browns

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As I mentioned earlier in the year, I planted a bed of a supposed hot weather onion called "Australian Browns" this year in one of the raised beds against the house. Not sure how they handle heat, since we only had one week of brutal temperatures. Mostly too wet this year.

I companion planted them with Squash and Zucchini, though I gave the onions a 4-6 week head start. They were holding their own, with the help of some aggressive pruning of over shadowing squash leave, but the squash finally won.

The bed is about 8 feet by 3, and the onions only got the front half.

The yield was rather impressive for such a small space. I think if I had not planted the squash and let the onions get all of the sun, I could have easily doubled the yield. Here they are fresh from the ground. You can see the leaves had all died.

Still with a bit of dirt on them but cleaned up a bit by cutting the leaves off. Various sizes but all ready to eat. Not sure of the weight, but its at least a few pounds of golden brown onions.

Guess I'll be doing steamed vegetable dinners for the next month at least, lol.

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Nice looking onions enjoy.