Bee Pests - How To Get Rid of Hive Beetles

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While I don't keep bees (yet) I have been reading up on it. Bees have a variety of pest which can kill or seriously affect your hives. One of them is "Hive Beetles". They seem to be active across the entire US and breed more in hot temperatures.

Here is an article on Hive Beetles and how to get rid of them.

How to Get Rid of Small Hive Beetles for Good in 5 Fail-Proof Steps

Interesting - the beginning bee class I took last weekend suggested that our locale doesn't have them (in spite of high summer temps in the northern Sacramento Valley) because we're not cool enough - meanwhile, the Bay Area (coastal/maritime Mediterranean climate) has problems with them... We didn't learn enough about treating for them, so I'm of no help whatsoever at this point! :)