My Own Collapse

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I've started up the main page blog again after several months of inaction with an announcement of my own collapse.

Time To Walk The Talk - My Own Personal Collapse

"Around the end of next month, I'm going to voluntarily Collapse. I figure that tonight marks 30 working days (42 days overall), until I'm out of my current job and into semi-retirement. Greer has always said that a wise person, seeing the way our civilization and society is slowly coming apart, should choose to downsize their own lifestyle and decrease their needs for energy, resources and just about everything else early when they have the cushion of making mistakes and not have it be life threatening. As he sums it up, "Collapse Now and Avoid The Rush". I think I will followed his advice."


Please take time to check it out, and leave comments.

It's a very different way of life, especially if you have to pay bills.
My husband got his golden ticket on 1 January 2013 just before he turned 53 and became a full-time writer. It took a year for him to adjust to being home full-time, having a new sleep schedule, and everything else.

Other than the lack of money, it's been great.
I will say this: it is infinitely easier if you've got zero debt, including mortgage, car loans, and credit card debt. Zero debt of any kind mean your monthly nut is very, very low.

I wrote a book on the subject. Doing all kinds of things let us become full-time writers. It can be done.
Good luck to you, David. Expect to spend a long, long time making the mental and physical adjustments.

Teresa from Hershey