Wheelbarrow Gardens

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I met my friend Pete via the Shortwave Listening hobby and the website: https://swling.com/ when he initiated contact on an article published there. Pete is an avid gardener and it turned out we had a lot of interests in common. I encouraged him to get his ham radio license which he did. Anyway, Pete lives in England and has a fantastic blog called "Weeds Up to Me Knees". ( https://weedsuptomeknees.wordpress.com/ ) where he writes on "music, gardening, and life". This week he had a post in his "Keep 'em peeled" series about keeping your eyes peeled, (and in homage to BBC radio host John Peel), for keeping your eyes peeled for trash and salvage and scrounged materials to use in your garden.
This time he featured battered up wheelbarrows and how those can be used to create garden beds that were sent to him by another gardener named Mark Platts (he features other gardens quite often). Check it out here, it's a good idea I think, because I've often seen broken down wheelbarrows being thrown out or discarded.

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