Using Fan Fiction

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I listened to a NPR segment today on the fan fiction website Archive Of Our Own which is up for a Hugo Sci/Fi Award this year.

"Fan Fiction" if you are not familiar with it, is a type of story which uses established fictional characters or real life celebrities. They can be the main subjects or a minor supporting character (or villain).

It struck me that fan fiction can be very helpful for beginning writers, to help develop their skill at story telling because the writer doesn't have to worry about that much character development and can instead focus on plot and action. Both the writer and the reader already knows established characters, what attitudes and opinions they have and a general feel for what kind of responses and boundaries they would have.

Fan fiction can also be helpful because of the many sizable communities devoted to reading them there are. A beginning writer, unsure if their stories are good can often get valuable feedback from members of those communities when they post their work.

I'm posting my new novel, chapter by chapter on both Wattpad and AO3 (Archive of Our Own) right now.
It's not that difficult, probably because my technologically literate children are actually doing the posting.
It's very exciting because despite having zero social presence, I'm getting reads.
A lot of my background in my novel is based on what I've learned from the Archdruid's report and Ecosophia.

If anyone is curious, go to either Wattpad or AO3 and look for 'The White Elephant of Panschin'.

Teresa from Hershey