Bob Waldrop

Bob Waldrop, early peak oil/permaculture guru passed away on August 30.

The announcement on his FB page says

Robert Max Augustine Waldrop
November 9, 1952-August 30, 2019
Founder, Oscar Romero Cathoklic (sic) Worker and the Oklahoma Food Cooperative,Muscian, Permaculture Diplomate (sic), Parrhesiastes.*
He comforted the afflicted, and afflicted the comfortable.

You can find his inexhaustible website Bobaganda at

*"In rhetoric, parrhesia is a figure of speech described as: "to speak candidly or to ask forgiveness for so speaking". This Ancient Greek word has three different forms, as related by Michel Foucault. ... Parrhesiastes is noun, meaning one who uses parrhesia, for example "one who speaks the truth to power". Wikipedia.

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May a choir of angels welcome him
And with Lazarus who once was poor
May he have everlasting life.