That Paper Carry-Out Bowl May Be Bad For You

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While I eat less and less take out food, I have noticed that more restaurants are using paper based packaging than styrofoam. I thought that was a better choice but it seems even such so called "compostable" options might be dangerous for you.

Study: The “forever chemicals” in your takeout bowl may pose more dangers than previously thought

"PFAS, or per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, are a broad class of more than 4,000 chemicals used in carpets, textiles, electronics, cookware, and other goods. Because the long-chain varieties have been definitively linked to serious health outcomes in humans, including thyroid conditions, reproductive issues, and various forms of cancer, U.S. companies began to voluntarily phase them out in the early 2000s. And in the past five years, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has banned entirely the import and manufacture of some kinds of long-chain PFAS. But manufacturers never stopped relying on PFAS. They just started using the short-chain variety instead, many of which are approved for commercial uses, and which were thought to be less hazardous.

Now, a growing body of research casts doubt on the presumed safety of short-chain PFAS. In their extensive review, the Auburn University scientists strike an unequivocal note: There is cause for serious concern."


Definitely don't throw them into your backyard compost bin. Makes the idea of taking my own glass bowls to get any food I buy a better and better idea.