Possible Terms for Power and Energy

Fossil fuel [Coal, rock oil derivatives, methane reservoirs]
Organic fuel [Wood, whale oil, dung, dung-derivatives, bagasse, etc]
Seasonal or intermittent fuel [Solar, wind, waves, etc]
Generated / regenerative fuels [Battery, pumps, bicycles, waterfalls, mill streams]

Elemental power [Air, Water, Fire, Earth, Wood, Metal, Gravity, Geothermal]
Differential power [Compression of air, springs, oil, hydrualics]
Stored power [Batteries, warmed bricks, etc]

Domestic economy energy

Compression power (air, steam)
Resistance power (sails, windmills)
Focussed-concentrated power (solar, lenses)
Push-Poised power (water towers, waterfalls, water hammers, wound springs, etc)
Rotary-angular power [Flywheels, gear trains]

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That's a powerful list and gives some fuel for thought! I definitely think we need some more nuanced ways to talk about these things and here is one way to do so. Having the right vocab can be important.