Taking Things Too Far

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Here is a recent article on NPR about eating, which I think carries a deeper message.

When Efforts To Eat 'Clean' Become An Unhealthy Obsession

"Whether its gluten-free, dairy-free, raw food, or all-organic, many people these days are committed to so-called "clean eating" — the idea that choosing only whole foods in their natural state and avoiding processed ones can improve health. It's not necessarily a bad thing to eat this way, but sometimes these kinds of food preferences can begin to take over people's lives, making them fear social events where they won't be able to find the "right" foods. When a healthful eating pattern goes too far, it may turn into an eating disorder that scientists are just beginning to study."


The article primarily discusses how some people can take their diet and what they eat to an unhealthy degree of avoidance and obsession but it doesn't surprise me. Humans have a way of taking things too far, as we've seen from the smallest hobbies to the biggest life styles. Climate change and our out of control capitalism are good examples.

Green Wizards are no different, and while we promote making changes in your life, to get ready for the Long Descent, I think its important to all remember to still have a little fun sometimes and above all else not take ourselves too seriously either.