Carl Sagan's Heir To Science - Great Writer's Resource

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Almost anyone who owned a television in the 80s tuned into the wildly popular and even better, wildly informative show "Cosmos: A Personal Journey". Its host Carl Sagan (and I believe writer) had a way of taking the complex subject of the whole Universe and explaining it so just about anyone could understand it.

I think I've found his spiritual heir.

Science and Fiction with Isaac Arthur

Isaac Arthur hosts a Youtube channel and has an amazing library of video, mostly half hour or so, which touch on a whole host of subjects on the Future. Primarily on space exploration, colonization and aliens (in a no conspiratorial way, lol). Please note, Arthur has a minor speech impediment, so if you have trouble understanding him, click the closed captions option. I find his speech quite understandable.

Let me take a moment and make a confession, I don't just write climate fiction. I also like to dabble in horror, detective stories and traditional sword and sorcery fantasy. My real love though is those grand sweeping space operas that feature huge battles with fleets of space crafts and exciting drops of armored infantry from orbit.

Every time I watch one of Isaac Arthur's videos, I get a few ideas for new stories. Or come away with information to make my stories better. Its gotten to the point I keep a note pad on the desk when I watch one.

Check it out some time. Be prepared to lose a few hours though. Like Cheetos, you can't watch just one.