Herbal Medicine From Trees, and How To Harvest

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We all know herbs and common plants have a host of medicinal uses, but did you know that many trees do too?


"Using trees as medicine breaks allows for some rather interesting preparations, as just about any part of the tree can be medicinal. How do you work with medicinal wood? It’s not edible, but still, you have to find a way to extract its potent medicine. In those cases, the wood is boiled for extended periods or added to hot baths for topical use. For the most part, medicinal trees are used in the same way as other herbal preparations. They can be infused into teas, tinctures, oils and made into salves and poultices."


One of the most important things about the use of trees, is to be very aware of how your actions, in harvesting from them, can do serious damage to the tree. Unlike many herbs and weeds which rapidly grow in our garden, trees are long lived and slow growing. This means that even removing a small amount of twigs or bark can open the tree to disease or pests.

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If out and about in the winter nothing beats a nice cup of pine needle tea. The bark of the willow tree as a tea for soreness. One can use twigs to reduce damaging the tree. Most other trees in Florida best to leave them be!!