Electromagnetic Sensitivity

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In the Ecosophia comments section, several people most notably patriciaormsby have mentioned their difficulty with a sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation. She recently posted about using books as shielding, as well as protection from earth quakes.

"@JMG, regarding books as shielding against radiowaves, I haven’t really gotten out and measured the degree of shielding they provide. One friend has bookshelves crammed with books from floor to ceiling on the wall outside which there is a smart meter and speculates it has prevented that from being a problem for him. But I set a Gaussmeter to record outside near that meter for an hour or so and did not get any high readings, so it was not a very active meter anyway. I found some degree of attenuation in a bamboo forest that was heavily irradiated from the outside. Forests in general are good, but in desiccated form I’m not so sure. A good layer of books would probably block the higher frequencies, which are the most worrisome. If the foil and the books are not enough, I can add a sheer curtain over them and fashion a cover to partially block the radiation from the smart meter.

Another use of books that has been noted in earthquake-prone Japan, is to put them in boxes a foot and a half or so high, lined up by where you sleep (on the floor here) so that in the event of an earthquake, they are not crushed by falling beams and other structural members, and create a safe space where you sleep. Also they burn poorly. With a little creative stitchery, the boxes can provide a handy seat or backrest."


I've not had any problems myself that I'm aware of, unless you count balding. That I believe for me, has more to do with genetics and long term wearing of a baseball cap. I wonder if others here have had something similar and what steps you have taken to deal with it?