Children's Books

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I wonder if anyone has any thoughts about collecting books for children.

This autumn I got into this because my son and his spouse are expecting their first child. Of course, I buy second-hand. I was making myself pause in my collecting, stepping aside for other book buyers until after Christmas, because I figured the good second-hand children's books in good shape make good presents.

Today, however, I let myself spend $20 for 16 books that I will keep at my house until child is reading on his own. I bought Newberry winners and Newberry Honor books. Up until today I had bought mostly books for the very young-- picture books.

Do any of you with kids live near a Goodwill? Check out their books. The GWs around here have been having 75% off certain color tags on Fridays and Saturdays. One day I was able to get kids' books for $0.12 because of that. They brought out a cart of brand new Scholastic publisher books while I was there.

The employees at a St Vincent de Paul store, thanked me profusely for buying so many $0.25 kids' books. I kind of thought they found the books a nuisance. (?) When that store first opened, the guy who was in charge of books was himself real charged up and told me he wanted to start an in-store book club for neighbor kids.

When my own son was a child, the cheapest I could ever find childrens' used books was $0.30, and they were often rather worn, sometimes quite dirty or even missing a cover. I actually find it sad that I am now finding books at a lower price (quite a bit lower considering inflation), many in like-new condition, suggesting that the books are donated without even having been read. That is commensurate with kids reading even less these days than they did 30 years ago. I've gotten books that were originally given to kids free through Dolly Parton's charity and through a local program which sends cops into schools to read one-on-one with kids. Sadly, those books had pristine edges and un-cracked spines, too.

Anyway, it seems to be a good time to collect children's books, if you want or need to do it for relatively little cash.