My Friend Who Talks Of Druid Things

He was telling me a story this morning about how Venus interacts with Stonehenge when all of a sudden he tells me about how a hawk left talon marks in a cantalope! So he runs off into his large garden and comes back with the melon and explains what must have happened.

After he then tells this wonderful hawk and crow story - that later reminded me of Wall Street...

He has always shied away from the camera, but since my learning from an ArchDruid essay what magic really is - and teaching Tom about this - he thinks he wants to use his "white magic" in telling others about some experiences.

I kept it short. Hopefully he allows more video:

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Its always nice to here a bit of the less than critical stuff now a day. Feel free to add more videos to the thread if he does them. I don't know much about druids but I'd enjoy hearing more.