Wavy Fences

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Interesting but makes sense. Wonder, in an age of resource scarcity, will we see more wavy fences?

"In England one sometimes encounters these "wavy" brick fences. And curious as it may seem, this shape uses LESS bricks than a straight fence.

That's because a straight fence that is just one brick thick is not sturdy enough to stand alone and can be easily toppled with a determined push. For that reason straight fences always have a thickness of at least two layers of bricks and often more, and are also reinforced at regular intervals with vertical posts serving as buttresses.

But a wavy "one-brick" fence stands just fine on its own due to the arch support provided by its shape, which combines both fence and buttress."

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Look for these using 'serpentine' walls as a search term. They're common and fascinating. Note also the capstone can be shaped (the right-hand example of your two photos) to better shed rain water. A flat capstone (i.e., the regular brick) won't shed rainwater. You'll get puddles and eventually more damage.