Ruth Goodman Videos on History

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Anyone seen some of the BBC television educational documentary series videos by Ruth Goodman on historical periods?

Someone mentioned them on Ecosophia as good resources for writers. I haven't seen them but they might provide examples of the way technology will degrade and reset in the Long Descent of after oil. The videos include Victorian Farm, Victorian Pharmacy, Edwardian Farm, Tudor Monastery Farm, Wartime Farm and Full Steam Ahead.

I've seen many of these series and they are fabulous, whether you're interested in history, prepping, or writing historically accurate fiction.

They also demonstrate just how much people knew on a day to day basis, didn't think twice about what they knew, and just got on with it. So much information, tools, techniques, you name it, have been lost.

The other thing all the series demonstrate is everything is local and you really depend on what the skill level in your local area.
The Victorian Farm one was especially interesting because it showed how much the character of the lord of the manor mattered. If your local lord was competent, skilled, and followed up on HIS obligations (noblesse oblige), then the peasants had an easier time. A bad local lord ruined everyone.