Anyone Can Meat?

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Saw this on my FB feed:

"So with deer season approaching, I wanted to share a canning recipe for those that can their venison!

Trim your venison (remove as much fat as you can and the tendons). Cut into cubes size piece about the size of a golf ball. Cold Pack (put in jar raw) meat into the quart size jar~pack down with a spoon *Optional, add few slices of green pepper & onion for flavor.

1 teaspoon of non-iodized salt
1/4 teaspoon of black pepper
2 gloves of garlic on top of the meat

Wipe the rim, add lid & just hand tighten the rings. Fill your canner with required amount of water (Mine is 3 qts & Process for 90/mins @ 15#'s of pressure) (You MUST use a pressure canner for meat). Store in dark cool space! Open and enjoy! Great on a cold night and you don't feel like cooking!"


I haven't canned yet, but plan to next year once I'm in the new place. While I've tried to cut back my meat use to just once a week, I still have a sizable amount in my freezer. Meat is one of those things that in a power outage would go bad rather quickly and is expensive to lose. Canning it would provide a safer alternative to freezing.

Anyone can meat?

A comment recommended you brown the meat before canning, to make it more "cooked" looking and to add a little pork to deer meat for flavor, as its quite lean and a little gamey.

I use quite a few of the Weber grilling seasons for my meat. I usually cook and season my meat separately before adding it to a salad or stew. I wonder if instead of black pepper and garlic you could use those instead. You would probably want to go light on the spice though. Ninety minutes of pressure and heat would probably push the seasoning deep into the meat.