Can Rack System For Your Pantry

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I've seen a few DIY set ups, from just cardboard that's hot glued together to more solid construction. Here's one that I love

Though I would modify that with a simple rod/dowel, across the top layer of the rack levels, so that cans on the top wouldn't roll off. As it is, the person has to set a can vertically to do that.

Here is some other ideas, though they reuse a few ideas. I like number 5, putting it on the back side of a door to save space. If you don't have mad carpentry skills, then number 13, using heavy card board is an option.

"17 Homemade Canned Food Storage & Organizer Ideas You Can DIY Easily"

or this one if you can work in wood.

"DIY Rotating Canned Food System"

Do you have a space saver for your pantry?

I dunno. All these magic rack systems take up space.
We sort our goods manually. When cans and boxes come home from the store, Bill reads the manufacturer's date and writes it across the front of the package in big letters with a sharpie.
We simplify. We use month and year only.

Our pantry is wire-mesh shelving from Closet-Maid so there's plenty of air flow. Yes, cans have to be manually removed, placed on the laundry table, and then put back to keep the oldest products in front and the newest in back.

One advantage we've found is you have to *LOOK* at various products and ask yourself why you bought it. If something older turns up, it's time to use!