Update on Forum Changes - November

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Ok, let's update everyone on my progress in upgrading our site.

You can see the new website here:


Pantheon allows you to develop a site for free, only charging you once you go live with it. Hosting will be $25 a month.I have paid hosting on the previous site good until January, at which time I will bring this site online with its actually "greenwizard dot info" url.

Unlike the format for the previous GreenWizards Dot Info site, which allowed me to have many photos in the home page slider, this new theme allows only three, so I've decided to focus on just three parts of green wizardry, the basic "What is Green Wizardry?", the Circles of knowledge, and the Story Forum.

At the moment only the "What is Green Wizardry?" page has anything on it. I'll be writing the other two this month. Feel free to make suggestions on how I might edit that post.

The current front page has some older blog posts I did a year back, as place holders. I like how this theme only posts a preview of the blog posts.

I contacted the developer of this theme to try and purchase a custom version of it in a more "green" motif. He was of Indian nationality and perhaps we had a language problem. What he sent me back for my money doesn't seem to work.

I am slightly familiar with the programming language CSS, so I will be able to eventually change the red and grey motif we have to a more green one. It is not a high priority though.

I have added a anti spambot module to the user signup, which should prevent the flood of fake users I had to deal with. It should also allow people to retrive their passwords if they have problems. Please take a moment and try to register using your current user name.

Once I start moving the forum posts, I hope to be able to attribute them to the original poster.

About the Forums...

You can view the new forum here:


The biggest change is that I have moved around the order of the different Circles. That and given each circle its own forum.

Please take a look there and make any suggestions.

I hope to eventually move all of the posts to this forum to the new one, so that Terresa can stop paying for hosting here. It will honestly take most of next year to move the several thousand posts and comments, but we will get there. At some point once I have the last year's posts moved, I will lock out the current forum for new posting, and contact Greer to see that we can move his greenwizards dot org link to the new website.

Hopefully in 2018 we can make Green Wizards the force for good Greer wanted us to be.