Tips From Our Grandparents

David Trammel's picture has a short list of 9 tips our grandparents knew and that we should relearn.

"9 sustainable living tips to take from our grandparents"

They are:

- "Make meals from scratch"
- "If it breaks, fix it"
- "Bring your lunch"
- "Plant a garden"
- "Shop smart"
- "Downsize"
- "Use a clothesline"
- "Start sewing"
- "Rethink disposables"

What other tips would your grandparents have told you?

Serinde's picture

Always buy the best you can afford.

If you want it, save for it. Only ever borrow money for a house.

Blueberry's picture

Pay yourself first. Live below your means.

My grandma often gave me these two bits of advice.
-Don’t do drugs or get into drinking alcohol.
-don’t talk much about politics with friends or family.

I'd add hobbies that benefit you instead of costing you.
Crocheting instead of slot machines.
Long walks instead of recreational shopping.
Fishing and then eating your catch.

That sort of thing.