Resources for Running For Local Office

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One thing a green wizard can do to effect positive change in their local community is to volunteer to be in charge. That is run for local office.

I know of at least one person who posts comments on the ADR has run and plans to run again in a local election.

We can too.

It is scary to think of going door to door, seeking to purswade your fellow citizens to put their trust in you, and vote you into a position of power but I think that any of us here, who study green wizard practices and philosophy would make great stewards of the public good.

From helping change to focus from business as usual to a more collapse friendly focus, from getting the ok for chickens in a backyard, to community composting to classes at the community center, having a voice that knows what we are facing as we face the long descent, will help not just that one person doing it, but most of their fellow community members.

I ran across this article today, which is a list of resources for the beginning politician.

Be sure to scroll down to the other articles, for a wealth of information.

Feel free to post other resources you might know.

Locally the League of Women Voters has been offering candidate training for city/county candidates.

There are a couple of articles about the LWV in the current InterBusiness. Issues. The same magazine also has an article on Farm Bureau--which might not be on your radar...  It certainly surprised me!

314 Action is a brand new organization encouraging scientists to run for office.

"We are members of the STEM Community, grassroots supporters, and political activists committed to bring innovation to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education, aggressively advocate for real solutions to Climate Change and elect more STEM trained candidates to public office."

Our Revolution, formed by Bernie Sanders and his campaign staff, endorses progressive candidates.

Brand New Congress is also endorsing Congressional candidates