What To Do When You Find A Tick

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Here is a good article on what to do if you find a tick on you, and how to safely remove it.


With almost everyone having a camera on their phones now, taking a picture of the tick for later identification is a good idea. Also, if you can, saving the tick in a bottle is good. Become familiar with the diseases in your area, and their symptoms.

Soaking a cotton ball in whisky and pressing it to the tick will make the little bugger let go. And if you're like me, a shot of whisky will make you feel better too.

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Whiskey is a good cure for pain. Something every wizard should keep.

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There's also a cunning little tool on the market called a tick twister. Works on people and animals. Check, check, check domestic pets and children in tick season. But prevention is the best! Make sure there are no gaps between socks and trousers, for example, and avoid the long-grass areas where deer rest. (Avoid long grass!)

Keeping an eye out for tell-tale red rings of Lyme's, which has now found its way to the UK (thanks, guys). Whisky (or whiskey, if that's all you have -- joke!) for medicinal use, absolutely.

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When my siblings and I were children, our mother would get ticks to release from our skin by holding a lit cigarette close over the tick. It would generally let loose and try to get away so that she could then pick it up with tweezers without risking the pincers being left behind in the skin. But those were the bigger type of tick, not the deer tick. I've never tried it on deer ticks.

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Most people NEVER get a bulls eye rash -- I am a lyme disease sufferer so have read alot, talked alot, researched alot on this.

As for the linked article. Overall good information of tick removal, checks, getting to a Dr right away and getting on antibiotics right away, tick checks, and the caution agaisnt spending money testing every tick, as it is correct that most of the time the disease is not transmitted. But, it is wrong about how long people can be sick with Lyme, dont we wish "a couple weeks" of antibiotics was all that was needed ! People absolutely do respond to long term antibiotic use, and it does way more good than harm. The book mentioned below has the herbs that actually work. Around here, in my area the rule of thumb from a tick bite is this : If there are any flu like symptoms ( chills, muscle aches, joint aches, etc... often reduced body temp but not always) after a tick bite, within the week say, immediatelly go an antibiotics for at least a month, do not wait for a test. I believe tetracycline is first choice for early stage, but I was not an early treatment case and am allergic to any 'cyclines, so took others, and I did not know what I had so did not get any antibiotics until I had been very, very sick for 5 years, which also means a different treatment.

It would be a good idea, if you are an at risk area/lifestyle for exposure to Lyme to have something around the house. Either get some antibiotics ( fish capsules if you cant get your DR to prescribe) or the correct early exposure herbs to use from Buhners book. Or both. This bacteria moves quickly to invade all over and if you can nip it in the bud before it gets brain involvement you will be much happier.

While I have taken alot of anitbiotics, over the years for it, I was never able to get rid it totally. I am now making progess again using a herbal path. I highly recommend the SECOND edition ( I also have the first, and so waited too long before getting this not realizing how it is a completly different book with the results of years of treatment and research) Healing Lyme, 2nd edition by Stephen Harrod Buhner There is also a repellent recipe in there

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A few years ago somebody at the FDA told the drug companies to put lyme vaccine in flu shots. Bad idea for people who have had lyme disease. Most flu shots now do not contain the vaccine to be sure must look at the package insert.

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So far as I have ever heard, there is no approved in the USA for human use Lyme vaccine. And, flu vaccine would be only flu vaccine -- why would they put an additional vaccine in there ?

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Lyme vaccine for humans came and went.
Short version: https://www.cdc.gov/lyme/prev/vaccine.html
Long version: https://sciencebasedmedicine.org/what-happened-to-the-lyme-vaccine/
The idea that it was ever added to flu vaccine is highly improbable.

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I received a flu shot 4 years ago had a big problem within the hour. Have been exposed to other tick disease. Went back to the doctor and that is how I found out about the little extra in the shot. Went in for a tetanus shot in Feb. and was told by the NP that it contain whooping cough. So no shot for me!!!!

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I know there is a ton of "they said/they said" about vaccines and shots, especially this year where there are several major outbreaks of diseases thought gone, and fingers pointed to people who make the choice not to be vaccinated. I doubt very seriously it any of us can know the truth to the various claims.

I ask everyone to be mindful that others here have different takes on this subject, and please don't get into the "here's my link!", "No here's mine!"

I'm willing to hear all sides of the argument, I ask everyone else to do the same.

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But, there could be a misunderstanding. It is thought by many that the flu shot is not a good idea and often causes problems for people with Lyme or other tick based disease/exposure. ( and I dont get the flu shot either, so I agree as a Lyme suffer that I wouldnt risk it either ! And, I am happy to hear of someone elses experience --- Thanks Blueberry ) I wonder if that was the basis of what Blueberry's doctor was saying. One can look up many links and thoughts about the flu vaccine and lyme disease, so a bad combo, but I have never seen anything about it being added to the flu vaccines.

It is common to have Tetnus, Diptheria and Pertusis(whopping cough) together in a mixed vaccine, DTP. Around here, you can get it without pertusis, TD ( Tetnus, Diptheria) I think it is harder to get it all by itself, but ask, maybe the office can order it for you. I think things like this can be barriers for people, we should be able to have choices !

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What happen to me was 4 years ago. My NP will still give me a flu shot but will check the package insert that came with the bottle to make sure nothing else is in the shot. Had a flu shot in Sept of 2018 no problems. With all the folks who travel to Florida getting the flu shot is like a must have. My local pharmacy carries tetnus by itself and can give you a injection if they get the ok from the doctor. Sorry I did not make that clear but that getting the ok take may a day or 2. Mrs B and I like to travel so sometimes I feel like a pin cushion. If you travel to Central or south America best to be a pin cushion!!