Good Look At The Whole Systems Approach Needed To Fight Climate Change

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While this article begins with a discussion that we are already guarrenteed a "Hot House Earth" situation by the end of the century, the larger and later portion of the article discusses how our global society is going to need to be radically re-engineered and some of its portential forms, when the Poers To Be actually realize they won't survive either with Business As Usual.

I was struck by how much the "end of growth" was being discussed by the main stream academics. And how so much of what is written in the article comes right out of Greer's lexicon of the Long Descent.

Thanks for the heads up - it doesn't say much that we haven't been saying, but the farther the word spreads, the better. I especially like this part:

"The idea is to redirect capital investment away from short-term speculative ventures which are high-risk, high-debt and if profitable only of value to a tiny class of investors, into “long-term productive low-emission assets and services” of benefit to the wider public, as well as generating longer-term returns.

The financial and banking system will also need new regulation to mainstream this approach, along with new forms of “public-private partnerships” to support “new business models for small-scale enterprises and help households with limited access to capital.”

Without saying it aloud, these sorts of measures entail a fundamental shift in how capitalism as we know it operates, converting the economy from a structure dominated by narrow special interests which accumulate wealth for themselves, to one that serves communities."

And it goes w/o saying that the 1% are not going to go along with this. I've been very busy getting out the vote, because I think that the first step in America is to get a party that believes in climate change back in charge of Congress. If only the denialists would be engulfed by global warming, I'd say the heck with it. But we all sink or swim together (with some variations).