Changing the Way We Talk about the Problem

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For those of us who believe what Greer has predicted, that we are headed into a Collapse of our global civilization and a retrograde into a tech level more like the 1800's or older, we often face a hard time getting others to understand and accept that idea. Its a big issue, communicating to the general public issues such as climate change without turning them off with all the "sciency and graphie stuff". That's why I found these two articles by Marshall Shepherd helpful.

Why Climate Change Messaging Must Evolve Beyond Noting Record-Breaking Temperatures

"I published a Forbes article a few years ago conveying nine tips to communicate science to the non-scientists. Two important points in that piece were to (1) get to the point (graphic above) and (2) keep the message miniature, memorable and meaningful. Specifically, I noted: Scientists need to work hard to keep their message memorable, meaningful and miniature. These are the so-called "Three M's of Messaging" that the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) has also recommended in its Science Communications workshops.

Scientists, media, and stakeholders must move beyond the annualized, methodical reporting of "it's the ____ warmest year every" or "temperatures continue to rise." I argue that such headlines are not "meaningful" to the public or a policymaker. People don't notice averages, they notice extremes or impacts on their immediate lives.

I like that advice "keep their message memorable, meaningful and miniature".

The Forbes article is here: 9 Tips For Communicating Science To People Who Are Not Scientists

Which is very good. I love the detail he puts into his suggestions.

Those of you new to Green Wizardry, should know that along with hints and suggestions on how to grow the best veggie or how to insulate your home and save money, we will also be trying to teach YOU how to best make changes in your community through efficient and informative arguments before your local City Council.

Check it out. Green Wizards will need every tool in the toolbox to get people to awake to the problems we all will face in the Long Descent.

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Here is another well written article that discusses ways to address climate change (and through that lense, Collapse) with people who don't understand the issue and its importance.

How to Talk to Conservatives About Climate Change

and a Guardian artilce about the evangelical leader Katharine Hayhoe
Study: Katharine Hayhoe is successfully convincing doubtful evangelicals about climate change

Haven't read it, my library doesn't have it, but another JMG reader suggested it on Goodreads:\

Another book on her TBR list