Become a Paid Dungeon Master

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I don't know how many of us played Dungeons and Dragons when they were younger, I did and games I played sometimes turned into written stories. That's why I found this article interesting.

The Rise of the Professional Dungeon Master

Writers by nature are good story tellers and often make good dungeon masters. Seems this might be a good side gig for a Green Wizard.

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My partner's disability is advancing to the point where he can no longer handle 8-hour workdays; and we have a basement unused after our last renter left us. Given that D&D tends to have a natural 4-hour session duration, this is a great opportunity for him to use the skills he already has - and an asset currently underutilized - to bring in some part-time income in a way he can handle.

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Please let us all know how this progresses for you. As an old time DM, I wouldn't mind a few extra dollars and the fun of a regular game.

FYI, one of my coworkers watches one of the best D&D online series called "Critical Role". It has a huge following. Might be worth watching a few eps to see how they do it.