The Collapse as a Graphic Novel

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While the first impression from the article is about how the coming collapse of society has now made it into a graphic novel, if you read through the interview with its creator you can see some very deep thinking about what it will be like in the Long Descent.

As billionaires prep for the apocalyptic "Event," what happens to everyone else?

"The differences between the “alt-right” conspiracy theorist types online and billionaires who are viewed as being liberal in some way or another are really not that great. They both have a mutual priority which is survival. They want to preserve their way of life. The “alt-right” ideologically driven racial “ethno state” vision is not really that different than that of the private billionaire. They are going to keep all of their stuff and everyone else can go off and die. This is true even of those billionaires who are self-proclaimed philanthropists and who say that they're liberal. At the end of the day when push comes to shove they are all going to preserve their way of life above anything else.

The secret billionaires— the ones who have huge sums of wealth and who keep a low profile — are now asking futurists, "What's the best way for us to survive the Event?” They do not exactly know what the Event specifically is, as it could be global ecological disaster, mass migration, a class uprising, but the billionaires are planning for it. They feel like it's coming. And they know that the cross-hairs are on them. These questions include, “How do we build a super bunker? How do we hire militias to protect us and make sure that they won't turn on us? Do we trust AI?”

If things do not change core questions of survival are going to dominate the future of humanity. That future will be very different for those who are allowed to hoard the wealth as opposed to the rest of humankind. The world is facing an apocalypse of greed, the intersection of income inequality and climate change."