Train Your Brain To Remember

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One of the things I love about Green Wizardry, and you don't see much of on sustainability and gardening websites is we go beyond just home and food. Even on most "prepper" sites. You get a few typical cross subjects (Guns, Politics, etc) but they seem to ignore that doing well in trying times, like what we expect the Long Descent to be, requires a whole body and mind kind of thought process and skill learning.

Here's one to file under Mental Skills.

How to train your brain to remember almost anything

With a stack of "unread yet" books in my office approaching two feet high, anything that can help me retain the knowledge in those books is to me helpful. Thomas Oppong's article has examples of how our brain stores and retains information, as well as some good life hacks to train your brain to remember better. I liked his idea of repetitive reuse of an idea, skill or information, first doing it (or reading the book) when you are introduced to it, then again in a week, again in two weeks, then again a month later. This tells your brain that "this is important and should be remembered!".

What other ways do you use to remember important ideas, skills or information?

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Teaching my godchild outdoor skills he will do the same thing over and over and over until he gets it right. At the age of four trying to learn how to use a fire steel he used a 100 count bag of cotton balls in a afternoon. To learn something new one must have a beginners mind, so learn like a child.

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This makes me feel better about struggling to remember some of the knot rhymes after just being shown once. I need to make sure I pay better attention and make opportunities to revise several times. At least four times makes a good aim.