Your Supervisor Is Not Your Friend

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From the comments section of Ecosophia, I ran across this article:

It is a deep article and one best read several times to absorb the points the author wants to make.

It is critical in my opinion to understand the classes in the modern capitalist society we all live in. Greer has spoken of them many times. The "moneyed elite" who control capital and own the means of generating income, and the "wage class" of those of us who get paid hourly. Then there is the "salaried" class this article speaks of.

In much of our recent capitalistic history, the supervisors and managers of industry were few and were often the product of the moneyed elite. Its only in the more recent time that the elite, using their bought politicians were able to game the rules, so that more and more employees could be categorized as being in a supervisory role and so could be denied overtime. Most of them are not really managers.

Going hand and hand with this reclassification has been the destruction of Unions. Where once you had some security when you entered the labor force and joined your company's union, now everyone is at risk. The briefest of downturns or economic problems is used as the excuse to downsize the work force. Where I, as a skilled machinist and equipment operator, can't be let go without affecting productions, the many managers and supervisors don't have that luxury. Corporate bean counters are happy to downsize that class and then lump the extra work onto those that remain.

This has lead to a culture of fear in the "professional management class", as is discussed in the article. Fear that they will lose their job and end up back into the wage class. Its this fear, which forces the marginally secure manager to identify with the moneyed elite and parrot their talking points at their detriment.

What is not spoken of is how the current crisis of exploration and outright looting of the economy now, is that those same marginally secured managers are better off identifying with the wage class. We at least will welcome them back. The moneyed elite will throw them under the bus without a second thought.

There is a struggle brewing and everyone will soon have to take sides.