Vintage red cross instructions for home nursing

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The Red Cross in the USA used to offer classes and write books to teach the average person how to deal with health and illnesses, etc..... This type of information is applicable to a power down future as the old instructions were made before widespread use of plastic bags, disposable gloves, paper towels, or realy disposable or single use anything in the home.

Here is a free online scanned copy of the 1951 Red Cross Home Nursing Textbook, the procedures in chapter 9, starting page 149 show some of the ways the sick or inform were helped at home

I own the 1942 edition of red cross home nursing which has alot of detail of how to deal with a quarantined patient, without spreading it to the rest of the household. The 1942 book has the best description of this. I did not see the 1942 version at that babel site, but maybe I missed it, they have alot of vintage red cross manuals scanned, I am sure many would be very helpful in a power down future, it is good to have information.

Absolutely no-one these days has any idea of quarantine measure, or proper care of the sick at home. We are encouraged to go to work, and send the kids to school while sick, and just take symptom reducers !

The 1942 descriptions are very thourough and even talk about the importance of food tray presentation for the sick, to make it pretty to raise their spirits, etc....

You can still buy used copies, many people buy both the 1942 and the 1951 versions as the are different in approaches and information for the 1942 version

1951 version or read via the link in this post

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These books are excellent and you can learn a respectable degree of skills, skills that I will agree few people learn these days. Good point about the instructions for cleanliness and hygiene in a world that had not been taken over by disposables.

My high school health class included the Red Cross first aid course, the Red Cross home nursing course, and, of course, basic CPR. I have long intended to get copies of the text books that we used in the mid 1970's, but I see that in some ways this first book you linked is even better. Yet even in the '70's they were teaching us high school kids things such as delivering a baby, or how to do an emergency tracheotomy!