Really Old School Musical Instruments

Two musical insruments that could be resurrected

The medieval portative organ

The Hurdy-Gurdy

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Now is the time for learning to hand-make those instruments for sure, if anyone has the leisure and inspiration to. I have heard hurdy-gurdy music in folk circles in the UK but not v common. Trailing edge musical technology I guess =D

And the portative organ is something I have not even heard of before. Beautiful.

Teaching kids how to make guitars can get them hooked on engineering
Mark French, Professor of Mechanical Engineering Technology, Purdue University

"When kids make guitars, they learn the math and science, but also the importance of mechanical precision, the design process and basic manufacturing skills, which are central to what engineers do.

"For example, as they go through the different steps of building a guitar, they learn about the underlying physics. Electric guitars all have pickups, small devices that use something called electromagnetic induction to make sound, so they learn something about physics in these classes. And those little metal wires that go across the neck of a guitar, the frets, have to be arranged in a specific way. The way you figure out that arrangement requires algebra. "

Another instrument I would include, and which I plan on making, is a Psalmodikon.

It is essentially a monochord with a fretboard and is played with a violin bow.
It was created to be a cheaper alternative to a organ for Scandinavian and east European churches.

There is a good website on them here.