I need a book reviewer and seamstress for 'Sew Cloth Grocery Bags'

I would like a review of my latest book 'Sew Cloth Grocery Bags: Make Your Own in Quantity for Yourself, for Gifts, and for Sale'.

I need a reviewer who can sew as well as read. The book won't make much sense if you don't sew.

Cloth Grocery Bags fills a niche in sewing books: there are two styles of bag (one intuitive and one much more efficient), sourcing material, trim, bag straps, layouts (only chalk and a yardstick are needed), how to sell at craft shows, and how to do production sewing.

Home sewing is utterly unlike production sewing. In home sewing, you only ever make one item. In production, you sew multiples as fast and as efficiently as possible.

If anyone is interested, please email me so I can arrange getting you a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review here at Green Wizards. Any other place (like Amazon) would be welcome too.

Reach me at tdbpeschel @ gmail.com. Remove the spaces before and after the @ symbol.

Teresa from Hershey

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I replied via your email, let me know if you didnt get it

Hi mountain moma.
Unless you live on Vick street in California, I didn't get your message!

If so, your copy is on the way.

Teresa from Hershey

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yes, that was me --- Thanks

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Check out these reusable bags Teresa. They should be very easy to make a pattern for.


Very interesting! It wouldn't be hard to modify my design: add a rod-pocket on each side to hold the dowels.
I notice that if you look carefully, the bags look to be made of that non-cloth non-woven fabric that those 99 cent supermarket wonders are made of.


Teresa from Hershey