Vegan Condoms

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While you might laugh, the idea of identifying where animal based compounds are added to everyday products and then figuring out a more sustainable substitute is one way to adapt to the Long Descent.

The vegan condoms keeping sex lives safe – and sustainable

"While the days when condoms were made from lamb intestines might be largely over, most options on today’s shelves still contain the animal protein casein. The key ingredient of condoms, of course, is latex – a natural milky sap which is extracted from rubber trees, mainly cultivated in tropical regions of Asia. Casein protein, widely found in mammals' milk, is used to soften the latex. But Einhorn leaves out the casein protein – opting instead for a natural plant-based lubricant. It also takes care to obtain its latex in as environmentally friendly a way as possible."

I did laugh in that the owner didn't plan on being vegan.

"“We wanted to create a product that was easy to sell and ship online, and something where we wouldn't have to deal with returns, as that's one of the biggest costs for online sales,” says Siefer. “So condoms were the perfect product. We hadn't even considered whether they would be vegan or not.”

I think you need to retitle this forum post: I couldn't figure out how condos could possibly go vegan. Built out of mud and straw, I suppose.

Teresa from Hershey