Bed Boxes Making A Comeback

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Makes sense to me, though mine would need a pet door.

People are Starting to Sleep in Medieval “Box Beds” Again

I'm considering options for the bedroom section of my basement apartment at my sisters. Was considering putting up walls but the way the stairs are laid out that could be restrictive. A bed box would provide privacy and keep me warm. (The basement runs a bit cool)

A traditional way to enclose a bed was via heavy drapes on all four sides and possibly over the top. A canopy bed in other words. Drapes would allow pet access.

You can buy ceiling-mounted drapery hardware so you don't have to have a framework. The key, always, with drapery hardware is making sure it's well anchored to support all the weight.

Teresa from Hershey

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I like the idea of the box bed making a comeback. As an alternative, 'bed tents' are a less permanent option with many of the same benefits.

Whether a bed box, tent or ship's bunk, the one big PITA that I see is making the bed. Even a regular bed up against a wall can be a chore to change the sheets on... Perhaps there should be doors on BOTH sides of the bed, like some of the bed tents?

I personally prefer sleeping with an open window next to my face; cold, fresh air and a warm comforter are the magic combination for good sleep for me! Cross ventilation in the summer is likewise critical.

I hope your basement apartment has plenty of fresh air available for you, not the least because of the potential for radon or other gasses that can accumulate.