Actual Free Women's Sewing Patterns For Download

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I have tested and these are real patterns that download, and they are nice. They are womens, although younger teen girls can also use some. You can see examples that people in real life have sewn from the patterns on Instagram: Peppermintpatterns

Alot are from Australia. The website to down load is here: Peppermint Mag - Sewing School.

There are patterns for shorts, long pants, jumpsuits, dresses, skirts, tops a sweater and jacket. Another nice thing about looking at the examples on Instragram is that you can read the comments to see which fabric was chosen, and also alterations that were done. For example, many people who make the jumpsuit take in alot on the hips and legs. Although you will also see a post on another woman, made as drafted, and for her body it was perfect and it looks great on her. SO, a good way to learn before cutting.

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Great, always good to have a recommendation for a good pattern source and the learn before cutting aspect is good too.