Lessons We May Learn From The Corona Virus Crisis

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Dr Nafeez Ahmed wrote a very detailed and highly interesting article on how society is going to react to this current health crisis. It dovetails nicely with Greers thoughts on the Long Descent and the stair step nature of collapse.

Well worth the read: Coronavirus, synchronous failure and the global phase-shift

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This was a really great article. Thank you for posting this! I'm going to be following this guy now. Besides the heavy duty analysis from a systems perspective at the beginning, I really liked these two paragraphs towards the end. This virus really does help show how interconnected we all are.

I like too that he addressed the prepper mentality. While I do engage in some preps, they are to help my family and my neighbors. I don't subscribe to the idea of hoarding canned peaches and ammo to defend my canned peaches. My wife and I laughed at how people not wanting to expose themselves to other people are all going to Wallwart together, and being around a bunch of people so they can go home and not be around a bunch of people. He writes:

"The coronavirus crisis shows us how self-defeating it really is to adopt a raw, ‘fend for yourself’ approach. It simply cannot work. Such an approach would lead to widespread panic, disorder and a rapid dissolution of established governance and distribution systems. Narrow survivalists who are offering this sort of ‘solution’ to people in response to the coronavirus, climate change or other crises, are part of the problem, in fact, part of the old self-centred, materialist-me paradigm from which this entire industrial system has been constructed. I have a message for these folks: If all you have to offer people is to be frightened, to run and horde as many supplies as they can, and bunker down to protect themselves, you’re part of the problem. You’re part of the very system that created the dynamic you’re caught up in. You cannot see the bigger picture. And at a time when the imperative is to build people’s capacities for sense-making, for collective intelligence, for wisdom, for love and compassion, for building and designing and engaging in the emergence of new ecological systems within a new life cycle, your advice is utterly useless.

The real way forward is obvious to anyone who pauses for a moment to reflect on what this present moment really means, in its full context, but that requires stepping beyond the immediate reactionary fears and desires of your psyche and allowing yourself to think, see and presence as a person who is an integral node in the web of life."