Introverts - It's Our Time to Shine

Reading, gardening, not talking to people for weeks at a time? We've got this! Any questions? We can help:)

Mind you, I am a very sociable introvert. I can do all the socialising but then I need a good long break to recover. I am not sure how the good long break without the socialising will work, but it will all become clear quite soon I expect..

I thought this experience would come easily for me too, as a social introvert. I did not count on the fact that I am losing significant alone time by being home! My husband is also working remotely and we are now homeschooling two kids while trying to work - I've been much more exhausted than usual. I'm trying to wrangle some much-needed alone time by getting up early, going on a walk (mimicking my morning commute, minus the public transportation part) and then getting about an hour of work done in up my bedroom before starting homeschool at 8am. Today's the first day of this new plan, so we'll see if it helps.

That is such a good point! Some of us will get a whole lot less alone time than others. I took my 15yo out of school (schools haven't shut down here in Australia but I decided it was a good idea to do it anyway) and luckily she is also an introvert so we still get alone time as she self-isolates in the attic. And I am so grateful that if it comes to total lockdown here that I have a garden I can get out into. I have a friend who lives with one daughter, but she is about to get her youngest daughter and oldest daughter with boyfriend all returning from overseas and they will all have to do the mandatory 2 week quarantine period. Together. It will be very challenging for them all I'm sure.
My daughter and I are at Day 5 and have taken up embroidery. She has just embroidered EAT THE RICH onto her hoodie. As you can see, we are also studying political economy:)

Had to chuck my vacation plans, but at least I procrastinated on buying plane tickets. I need the break from high energy socializing I do every day. It looks like I'll be able to do paperwork for awhile, thank goodness.

Ethan, see the benefits of procrastination:) What i find interesting so far is the relief that so many people seem to be greeting the idea of being shut away at home for x number of weeks. I mean, that may all change by halfway through week 2, but so many people are gleeful that much their social life has been cancelled. One of my friends who tends to end up running most of the things he gets involved in recounted with great verve his morning spent cancelling meetings for the near forseeable future. He is now planning to really start enjoying his retirement..
I wonder if and how life will change after the coronavirus finally wears itself out? So many people will have discovered that they can actually work from home, homeschool their kids, cook their own food, spend evenings in their own home, maybe even read a book. People might catch up on their sleep deficits and finally realise that they have a heap of energy for creative pursuits after all. Maybe. Or possibly everyone will just watch all the internet.
I can report that after a week my own 15yo is finally getting a reasonable amount of sleep, eating better than she has for ages, and getting very much needed downtime from the endless teenage peer drama that school brings with it. She has been harassing me for ages to homeschool her, so this is kind of a trial run. I wonder how many households this scenario is playing out in?

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Not much shine here. Ha-ha, I don't notice any difference in my life now as compared to a month ago, except that now I have tasted skullcap tea. (It's good. I'd serve it to guests. Uh, if I ever had any guests. Very mild, naturally the slightest bit sweet. Tastes much like chamomile).

If skullcap tastes likes chamomile I'm going to try and avoid it..
That is how we are are going to shine as introverts in this situation. Not having guests. Doing what we do naturally.
Normally I feel guilty about not having guests so I invite people over and then I get incredibly irritated and grumpy and swear never to have anyone over again, then everyone comes and I really enjoy their company, and then towards the end I just wish they'd all go home. But now, I don't have to feel guilty about not inviting anyone over. It's excellent. I can stay home actually alone, except with my daughter who is as grumpy and anti-social as I am. We are the perfect social-isolation couple:)

How are all the introverts doing a month later? We've gotten into a routine here and things are feeling pretty good. I have a lot more time for the garden and house projects now that I don't have a commute and can work an earlier schedule (7:30-3:30).

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Nothing much to say. We're doing just fine in my household. I do like seeing so many neighbors out walking, running, riding bikes, skating, spending time with their kids.

Glad to hear that! I enjoy seeing so many more people in the neighborhood too - there's oddly a greater sense of community even though no one is really socializing.