JMG, "Coronavirus and Collapse", Hermetix Podcast

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Just saw a new podcast with John Michael Greer was out, on the topic of coronavirus and collapse.

I hadn't listened to it yet, but going to go for a walk and listen to it right away - I haven't really left my apartment since Wednesday afternoon, I got to start getting some fresh air daily! Podcasts definitely help.

Hope all is well with everyone!

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Always a pleasure to hear John talk.

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Looks like the Hermetix podcast is scrolling through the roladex of peak oil authors to get their opinions on the coronavirus situations, posting these from J.H.Kunstler and Dmitry Orlov, if anyone's interested:



I've listened to the one with Kunstler, it was good, but not a lot new if you follow Kunstler semi-regularly.

I'll listen to the Orlov one on a walk today. I haven't followed Orlov as closely in recent years, from the little I have, his opinions seem to be drifting further & further from the mainstream, I have trouble even evaluating them, I feel like I'd have to learn a lot more about geopolitics to really have an opinion.

Nonetheless, I like to listen to a broad range of people, I enjoy dipping into various discourses (all different kinds of left, right and centrist), to feel disoriented by it, and then try to get a sense of the different worldviews. I find it fascinating how so many clearly intelligent people can look at the world in such distinctly different ways.

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Thanks for these. I want to listen to them, but I found I haven't listened to as many podcasts or talk radio shows as I did when I was on the job. There, I listened to them, not only for the good information, but as a distraction from the tedious aspects of the day job. Now that I've been off the day job for a few weeks, I have plenty of other things to do, and haven't kept up with all the podcasts or youtubers I followed on my headphones at work. I do like all of these authors though, and started the very first one with JMG... but than got busy with something else.

We have been spending a chunk of time each week with the grand kids. In a few hours I'm going to take our 9 year old grandson out with his scooter and my skateboard (at safe social distances).