Covid 19 Illness Waivers - Brief Explanation

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I had seen the news that businesses were lobbying for a protection from being sued over health concerns. Mitch McConnell in the Senate has said this is his #1 priority in any new stimulus package. I had not heard where local businesses had begun having customers sign them.

Here's a brief tutorial on what waivers are and their limits:

I recently had my first haircut of the pandemic and the hair stylist and I both wore masks. Not sure of their other practices, since I arrived right at opening, and there were no other customers.

I expect this will now be the norm going forward.

This is actually a subject of interest in my household. Younger Son works hose crew at Hershey Park. Hershey Park will open later than everyone else -- 3 July is the target date.

They routinely have summer weekend crowds of 50,000 or more. This does not include the additional 50,000 people who can fill the stadium and the 15,000 or so who fill up the Giant Center.

I know they're opening last because Hershey Entertainment & Resorts has supposedly very deep pockets and they have to be sure that they've minimized their liability.

Two weird points.

Hose Crew goes in at 5 am to scrub the park with giant fire hoses before the paying customers arrive. They are outside and have to maintain social distance (which they mostly do anyway as part of the job). They also have to wear face masks (!) and because Younger Son had the sniffles and is an honest employee, he admitted it and they said to self-quarantine for 14 days. For Hose Crew which consists almost entirely of young men under the age of 25 working outside and who never go near the paying customers.

The other weird thing is that the Antique Automobile Club of America hosts the largest classic car show in the world at Hershey Park second week in October. 100,000 people (or more) show up from around the world. 9,000 vendors. They cancelled. They have never cancelled in 65 years.

Maybe it was the liability?