The Elite and The Collapse

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First read of this made me sit and ponder things in life and in my assumptions.

I'll spend time tomorrow reading it a second time.

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I found it very interesting, especially the section in the middle about the social dynamics of elite culture and the reasons for abdicating responsibility. Her hypothesis makes sense of a lot of collective stupidities -- as being propagated by the high social cost of stepping out of line in elite circles. Very much agrees with what I have gathered of Toynbee via JMG.

Thanks, that was a good read and seems sadly on target. I’ll be interested in your further thoughts.

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Great read, David. Thanks for this. It seems that the conversation on class is picking up, just as JMG predicted.

These sentences from the article were priceless (pun intended!) "Poor people pretend to be rich to look cool. Go visit the Russians on Brighton Beach in their tank tops and gold chains. Rich people pretend to be poor to fit in. Go to San Francisco and play a round of “Homeless or tech billionaire.”"

This certainly paints an interesting picture of the elite. I knew about the Trustafarians -and even met a few- but this takes it to a whole new level. I'll be sharing this with some family members.

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