Old Style Bath Tub - Really Neat

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Saw this on Antiques Roadshow's Facebook feed.


Interesting how it folds up to save space. I can see a return to this style of appliance as we all start living with more and more room mates as things get tough. It wouldn't be that hard to build either, though for a metal tub you'd need need some brazing or welding experience. When I first started making plans for a backyard tiny home for my retirement, one of the top priorities was a Japanese style soaking tube which was all wood, using epoxy to water seal the tub, so you could just make a wooden tub insert. Might be less sturdy since the tub will be raised and lowered regularly. As the climate continues to get weirder and bouts of high temperatures increase, I suspect being able to wash off both the sweat and grime, as well as the stress will help immensely.