Self Sufficient Herbalism

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From Evolutionary Herbalism, there is an interesting podcast on Self Sufficient Herbalsim.

"The whole COVID-19 situation this year has made me think about our work as herbalists, and specifically about our sourcing of herbs and becoming more self-sufficient.

It really hit me a few months back when I noticed tons of major herb suppliers were shut down or out of stock of a lot of remedies. All because of a sickness.

It really alarming and a bit ironic that during a global pandemic herbal medicine was significantly less available than normal. Isn't that when we should be able to rely on our herbal medicines more than ever?

This whole concept of self-sufficiency in herbalism has been on my mind lately. What would we do if we couldn't buy bulk herbs or tinctures from the store or major suppliers?

Well the way I see it, it would force us to start to become more responsible for the remedies we use. To begin working with our local wild medicines. To start growing an herb garden. To really know each remedy with precision and their full medicinal potential. To start preparing a majority of our own remedies at home.

This is exactly what Lucy Jones shares in our newest podcast, where my wife Whitney interviewed her about her unique clinical herbal practice and new book, Self-Sufficient Herbalism.

Lucy's work is pretty darn inspiring. She's got her own clinical practice where she literally wildcrafts, grows, and prepares every herbal medicine she gives her clients. That includes even powdering her own herbs and encapsulating them!

I think her approach to herbalism is an important direction we can focus on moving in... not being so reliant on big herbal or supplement companies and starting to focus more on our own connection with our local plants.

Not only will it make your medicine more potent, but it's significantly more sustainable and ecologically friendly. "

Thanks to mountainmoma introducing me to the work of herbalist Stephen Harrod Buhner I made my first tincture earlier this year - elder leaf tincture, which is part of his covid-19 herbal protocol. I was so proud of myself, and have spent the last few months exploring ways to use the herbs I have in the garden and think about others i want to grow. It is very satisfying and interesting.